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WHAT is this workshop?

The life of the building, factories and bridges depends on HOW WELL IT IS MONITORED AND MAINTAINED?
If not; it can affect the lives of the occupants.

The lessons in this workshop can be applied by Students, Engineers, Safety Managers, Co-operative
Housing Managers, Administration Managers and Owners of the building to ensure their Commercial,
Residential and Industrial Structures are safe.

WHY should I attend this

A Structural Audit will lead to prolonged life of the building and safety of the
occupants. This is an interactive workshop designed by the Industry Experts will
help you familiarize with Structural Audit, the Methodology, Non-Destructive
Testing, Report Preparation and much more.

By the end of the workshop, you would completely familiarized with the process of
Structural Audit. The content in the workshop would serve as the guideline that
would be useful to carry out the assessment of the existing structures

Topics Covered

  • Importance of Structural Audit
  • Guidelines to carry out Structural Audit
  • Brief on Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health (DISH)
  • Methodology of Structural Audit
  • Non-Destructive Testing Methods
  • Structural Audit Report
  • Strengthening Methodologies

WHO should attend this

  • Students of Civil Engineering
  • Professionals in Civil Engineering Domain
  • Safety Managers
  • Co-operative Housing Managers
  • Administration Managers
  • Owners of the building

Learn from basics to the process of Structural Audit with the Industry Experts.
Boost your skills & solve the real-world Engineering problems.

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