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WHAT is this workshop?

There are many areas where Engineers are facing issues during design, implementation and investigation phase of the
Water projects. But, do you know that Engineers can observe and predict many engineering phenomena like flow behavior
of fluid, vortex formed during flow, Swirl issues, their effect and many more in fast, accurate and cost-effective way.

The lessons in this workshop can be applied by Students, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers,
Aerospace and Automotive Engineers to know the necessity, advantages, CFD modeling process and solve the real-world
Engineering problem in Water Infrastructure.

WHY should I attend this

Here's an interactive workshop on Computational Fluid Dynamics for Civil, Mechanical and Chemical Engineers, Aerospace and Automotive Engineers that would boost your skills and help you solve the real-world Engineering problem.

Topics Covered

Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)?
How CFD analysis can solve the Real-World Engineering problem in Water Infrastructure.?

Importance of CFD analysis with Interesting Examples as
  • Design and Analysis of Pump Sump Structures
  • Analysis of Pump Suction pipe
  • Disinfection Process of water
  • Cavitation
  • Waste Water & Storm Water Collection System
  • Transportation of Fluid (diesel & petrol)

WHO should attend this

  • Students of Civil Engineering
  • Professionals in Civil Engineering Domain
  • Students of Mechanical Engineering
  • Professionals in Civil Engineering Domain
  • Students of Chemical Engineering
  • Professionals in Chemical Engineering Domain

Learn from basics to the process of Structural Audit with the Industry Experts.
Boost your skills & solve the real-world Engineering problems.

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